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The MOTF (Magic Oak Tree Family) began life in 1961, as 'The International Friendship Club' to promote unity between people all across the World, and to promote a better understanding of the environment and all the life around us. In 1968, with the introduction of several core members in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, it was renamed 'The Magic Oak Tree Family' or MOTF. 

We are currently looking for people over 16 years of age to act as Voluntary Green Roofers. Training will be given free, via Zoom

Pete Perry, Instigator of The MOTF became an environmentalist at The age of Eight, after living in The Highlands of Scotland before WWll, and then experiencing the Blitz in Walthamstow, East London, and then noticing, after the war, that wild plants sprung up quickly on bomb sites, and these were quickly followed by pollinating insects, and then the return of insect and seed-eating birds, and finally, wild animals.

From that age, he decided to dedicate himself to bringing peace to the World, and to make people aware of the damage that they are doing to the environment.

He studied medicine in the RAF, where he worked in a Sick Quarters as a Senior Nurse from 1955 to 1958, and then Botany and horticulture when he became a professional gardener in 1961.

This is not a Revolution - it is an Evolution

Now, since Pete married Nikki in 2009, they launched their 'Green Roof Campaign' trying to encourage Government to take the initiative. However, the UK Government showed no interest, so, more recently, The MOTF has taken matters into it's own hands and are providing green roofing, the greening of tram and Railway lines and even pavements and pathway areas, with the 'GREENING OF BRITAIN' INITIATIVE. 

With the permission of the owners or authorities, The MOTF aim to green as much of The UK as possible, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

This is not a commercial project, - it is a Chance for us all to do our bit to reverse Climate Change and save our precious planet.







Here are the basic starters for this

revolutionary system - the starter

and the DewMyst solution, supplied by

OS Simply Nature, who have joined us, together with Benjamin DeVries, who will be planting trees throughout the UK.

We are instigating a global evolution. A re- positioning of humankind back to its rightful place as custodians & stewards of the Earth & not its owners.

Humanity is the beneficiary of a trust, and that trust was established by nature for all life including humankind.

If you wish to be a part of this, either as a beneficiary or as a planter and instigator, please contact us that the email address in our 'CONTACT' section

Let us Cover The UK, - then The World, with a Magic Carpet of Greenery!

This is the patented system my expert friend Socrates, The Greek Gardener, invented & distributes all over the Mediterranean, in Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, The Gulf and the Middle East. He is soon to gift the technological breakthrough we kindly offer  to the whole of Africa through one of the oldest environmental NGOS on Earth based in Zurich starting in Nairobi

MOTF has teamed up with a group of nature activists known as Socrates and to realize our vision of greening the UK. Socrates have made some significant breakthroughs this year which could alter many fields.


They have been doing radical R&D. Just before Christmas, the president of a very old Swiss NGO approached them. The NGO was one of the first to establish after Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring articles in the New Yorker, in the early 1960’s, started what has become known as the environmental movement.


They asked Socrates to help solve a problem which exists throughout Africa, which they had failed to make headway on. They wanted to green the corrugated iron huts many Africans live in. Like the ones in Soweto, & other South African townships, Nairobi, Cairo etc


To cut a long story short they asked if Socrates could design a system which weighed almost nothing & cost almost nothing.


They said that these huts, apart from being squalid & like ovens are also detrimental to the health of the occupants because the sun beats down on them creating health problems particularly respiratory diseases, which eventually kill them. It is a bit like the asbestos story all over the world.


The world market price for a green roof is about $120 / M2 & the lowest static load of a green roof on the market is OS at 20 kg wet. Both the weight & the cost would’ve been prohibitive for Africa so everything had to be turned on its head.


This is what Socrates came up with: This is the prototype on a flow beehive

This is scaled a bit to 1 M2

Grown from seed. The photographs show development after just over a month.

As you can see no soil & almost no water is used.

So no weight at all. Yet rapid, abundant development

This is scaled to garden shed size

Just over a month after installation from seed


















This breakthrough has led to 7 others


















This is the next one















You can literally grow anything anywhere from anywhere in the world in this.

















It weighs almost nothing



















It is highly portable & modular making it easy to re arrange as & when you like

















It flat packs IKEA style


















This is 50 M2 on a standard euro pallet stacked to under 50 cm.



















Consequently, you can send & install anywhere in the UK easily & cheaply.


















The next system enables an architect or developer to create anything you can imagine on a roof, wall, garden shed, garage, garden.















This can include an edible forest with trees that has negligible weight (apart from the fruit)



















You could easily feed an entire neighborhood from a garage or garden, a suburb from a warehouse & half a city from a few aircraft hangers with any produce you like from anywhere in the world. Point of consumption food growth becomes realistic. This will alter food distribution on Earth.


Socrates have tested 650 species so far

Lemons, limes, oranges

Pinot noir, Meunière champagne, Chardonnay

Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme



Many species of fig


Sweet chestnut













Medicinal aromatic herbs like Aloe Vera, St Johns Wort, Pineapple and Tomato

Apart from Greening roofs of all types, we also aim to green Tram lines and Railway lines, as well as car parks.... as illustrated below: Green Tramlines in Toulouse, France, and Green Railway tracks in Poland...


T: 07837472494

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